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Family Pearmans ~ Rotherham
"Dear Verita, I find Jet (Verad Sirius Black Star) to be a gentle, good natured dog. Although he is full of energy and has a zest for life he is a calm animal, excellent with the family. Jet is an excellent walking companion, I have found no problems in getting basic discipline into him from an early age; he is however just as happy at home enjoying being with the rest of the family. He is an intelligent and affectionate dog with a tremendous charachter that has quickly won our hearts." ~ Pearmans.
David and Helen Wilton ~ Harrogate
"Dear Verita Hope you’re well. Sorry it’s taken so long but we're keen to let you know how we’re getting on with Lucy. She is wonderful and is a much loved member of the family. She seems to have settled in very well. The training is going well but there is of course more to do. She still jumps up quite a lot but I suspect we – or more particularly me – are a bit soft on her. The children adore her. Apart from one weekend when she was poorly she has been fine. I attach a few photos. She weighs 13 kgs now. All the best" ~ David.
Lauren ~ Doncaster
" Hi Verita! Just an update on Oscar, just before he reaches his first birthday! He is a very happy, healthy and beautiful dog. As I'm sat typing this he is sleeping, on his back and wagging his tail! He has stolen the hearts of my entire family, and my parents would love to have him as their own (after 21 years begging for a dog and being told no) - typical. He is such a calm dog, and has lots of personality, without being bonkers. He loves to play fetch for hours, and always brings us his ball, and if we can find some water for him to swim and fetch, then even better. He loves water and having a good swim (and has even broken into next doors garden, for a quick dip in their pond). All training with him has been a breeze, however this cleverness means he can wrap my mum round his little paw. He has been an absolute pleasure to bring into our home, and since having him I have been on some of the most beautiful walks in the peaks. He has the most beautiful nature, and absolutely loves other dogs. Which has encouraged us to want another Labrador to bring into our family. So please let us know when you are expecting your next litter!!! Thank you for our beautiful boy!" ~ Lauren.
Donna ~ Leeds
"Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with a black labrador Indy .... He has been with us now for three months now and he is a model pooch, so well behaved and adorable, we can't believe our luck! He is so happy all the time and wags his whole body instead of his tail, we think he could win the next Strictly Come Dancing !!! We can't thank you enough for giving us such a beautiful boy, we are really proud parents :) " ~ Donna x.
Trisha ~ Hull
"Cassie is a beautiful, lovely natured pup and so easy to train! She has given her grandma Ellie a new lease of life, thanks to you, I would recommend Verrad Labradors in a heartbeat. " ~ Trisha x.
Kirsty & Dan Lowe ~ Tonbridge
"Hello Verita, I see you have some testimonials on your website now and thought it was only fair that your best puppy ever should feature! Have attached some pics of our handsome little Bruno and I can't tell just how brilliant he is - the most lovely , kind natured, fun and beautiful boy in the world! He's gentle with our baby, cuddly with anyone he meets and an absolute joy to train - he is already gong out in the van on night shoots and goes crazy over rabbits so we have high hopes for his working future too! Can't thank you enough - many people comment on his temperament and a lot of 'lab' people I've met have remarked on his beautiful proportions and said how perfect he looks - we'll be trying to keep him that way and he has still never had a treat!! Hope you are well and loking forward to your next litter!" ~ Kirsty & Dan.
Catherine and James Rudman ~ Staffordshire, West Midlands
"Hi Verita, just thought I'd send you some recent photos of Jake and let you know how he's getting on. He is doing so well and has such a fantastic temperament. The children absolutely love him although he is a bit of a chewer so their toys have been in for a tough time. Our older dog, Millie is getting more used to him and they love chasing around the garden together until she's had enough and puts him in his place! He picked up kennel cough a while back from a friends dog but he soon got over it and wasn't poorly with it. A couple of weeks ago, the Search team had a weekend away. Some NSARDA dogs and handlers came along and James and Jake had a great day training with them and learnt lots apparently. Last weekend James was in the Peak District dogs bodying for them and took Jake to socialise with the other search dogs. He's also been fundraising with the team at Asda and loving all the attention James is taking him to puppy classes and last week Jake passed the Puppy Foundation Assessment and the Bronze Test. Apparently the testers were very impressed considering he is only 4 months! We definitely know we've got him but he's an absolute pleasure to have. Hope you and the dogs are well." ~ Catherine.
Lysa and Karen ~ Sheffield, South Yorkshire
"Just wanted to thank you so very much for little Ollie. He is just the perfect puppy! We love him so dearly. The GSD loves him now! Only took a week for them to bond , we did have to get a trainer in. He has already got his certificate for his training, he demonstrates the moves well lol! He is the star of the group. We will send you some pictures. Hope you managed to get your hound."
Claire ~ Doncaster, South Yorkshire
"Hi, here are some photos of the boy posing for mummy ..... He is the most gorgeous boy ever.." ~ Claire x x
Sandy and Chris Barker ~ Rutland, East Midlands
"Verita, Rupert is so perfect I can't tell you just how much we all love him & in such a short while, he stole our hearts from day one. He has fitted in 100% and seems as though he was always meant to be here! His nights are completely dry now, although we still get the odd mis-hap if the front door is closed. He hasn't worked out how to tell us he needs to go out yet, but hey he's only 11wks old. (Any tips would be greatly appreciated). I am only talking about when we mess up, not Rupert. We went into the dining room last night for dinner and shut the boys out because we had candles lit on the fire hearth. When we came out there was a wee on the mat. Not his fault we should have taken him out before we sat down to eat. Rupert so loves his food, and is a right little piggy wig!! typical choc Labrador!! his coat is so glossy and he is so handsome. We're looking forward to seeing how he looks when he is fully grown, but don't want his puppy-ness to go too quickly. We must have taken so many photos! He can finally go out and about tomorrow, I am so glad because I have noticed he is beginning to react to loud noises beyond the garden, and when Lewis barks at something he runs and hides. I was hoping to take him to puppy socialising next Tuesday at the local vets, but when they realised we weren't registering him there, all of a sudden it was fully booked. Hay-ho, I will just have to find somewhere else. How is Zara doing, do you have any photos you can email? Do keep in touch, and I would love to see a photo of you and Purdy on your shoot. I'm still trying to get the courage to get a tweed jacket!!! Take care." ~ Sandy, Chris, Lewis and Rupert Bear xxx
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